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Peak Demand on a Hot Day in Qld

Phew! Boy; it is a hot one today in the Great South East.  And most of us are likely to inside watching the cricket with the air conditioning on!

While there is nothing wrong with that …. often this can lead to a peak with our electricity providers and give us a bigger than expected electricity bill after Christmas.

So, since Christmas has passed us by and we have spent our hard earned money on loved ones, it’s now time to save on electricity bills.  Below are some tips on reducing electricity use at peak times during summer:

  • Set your air-conditioner to 24 degrees – every degree lower may increase your running costs by up to 10%
  • Shut doors, windows, curtains and lower external blinds early to keep the heat out
  • Consider using a fan rather than switching on the air-conditioner
  • Turn on your dishwasher and washing machine before you go to bed, not during the busy afternoon
  • Turn off appliances like TVs, computers and game consoles when no one is using them – don’t leave them on standby
  • Ensure the seals on your fridge are in good working order to stop cold air getting out
  • Turn off your second fridge or freezer (once the relatives have left the building)
  • Switch your pool pump to off-peak or install a minimum five star energy efficient pool pump
  • Switch your hot water system to off-peak and save

Each of these simple ideas can make a big difference to your overall use and cost.

Please do not hesitate to Contact Nashcom Electrical with any of your electrical needs.  We’d love to hook up your appliances or pool pump to off-peak to help you save.

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