Energy Efficient Air Conditioning can pay off; Claim your Energex Cashback Reward

When the temperature rises, it is only natural to switch on the air conditioner (and the ceiling fans).  And although there is nothing wrong with that, many many homes and businesses are doing this at the same time. When this mass switching on of appliances happens and it is combined with an increase in the use of pool pumps and other everyday appliances, it can place stress on the electricity network.   This is what Energex calls ‘peak demand‘ for electricity.

To deal with peak demand, Energex has introduced an energy efficient scheme for air conditioning called PeakSmart.  Although in Queensland the network only comes into stress once or twice a year (as advised by Energex), the idea of the energy efficient technology is to “set and forget” your air conditioner, so you don’t have to change your air conditioners’ settings or temperature.  The network will take care of that as a PeakSmart air conditioner lowers itself into performance mode when the electricity network is under stress.

There are quite a few brands that are compatible with being part of the PeakSmart program. Well known brands include Daikin, Fujitsu, Kelvinator, LG, Samsung etc.  A full list of makes and models of compatible air conditioners can be found on the Energex website.  All you need to do is purchase your desired air conditioning unit (you can do this at any major retail outlet for air conditioners, ie, you don’t need to purchase a particular air conditioner from
Energex) and then have the PeakSmart signal receiver installed by your local air conditioning installer (which is us! Your Local electrician and air conditioning installer on the Sunshine Coast).  The receiver is a device that will communicate with the electricity network and your connected air conditioner and take care of the rest.

The next step is to jump online with Energex and Claim your Cashback reward.  The Positive Payback reward amount is based on a sliding scale determined by the size of the air conditioner (and how many compatible air conditioners you have installed).  For air conditioning units with a cooling capacity less than 4kW, the reward value is $100.  Between 4kW and 10kW the reward value is $200 and for air conditioning units above 10kW will be rewarded with $400 cashback.

Be ready when you jump online to do your application.  There are a series of questions regarding your installed air conditioners and you require some documentation to attach to your claim about your local electrician.  Most importantly, you require a copy of your air conditioning purchase receipt (including the air conditioner installers name), a completed Installation Form (a licensed air conditioning installer has these) and your bank account details for Energex to be able to make payment to you.

Yahoo! Money back and you will be as cool as a cucumber during the hotter weather.

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