Building Electrical Services

Are you the Manager for a Commercial or Residential Building on the Sunshine Coast?  And require reliable and efficient Electrical Contractors?  We are here to help.

Our knowledge and experience with Sunshine Coast Commercial and Residential buildings is extensive (having worked on the Sunshine Coast for 15+ years).  We offer electrical services that can meet your maintenance needs or cater to new projects or construction.

We have intimate knowledge of a number of buildings within the Caloundra area having serviced from time to time these properties.  Having insight into the electrical wiring of a building is beneficial for Managers and Body Corporate Managers as our team will be efficient in attending to your building and commercial electrical requirements.

Electrical Services for buildings includes electrical tasks like;

Supplying and Installing emergency and exit lighting and signage.  Although the requirements regarding Exit and Emergency lighting and signage in buidlings is not completely black and white, we are confident in making the statement that a majority of residential and commerial buildings are required to have functioning emergency and exit lights and signs.  The requirements are set out in the Building Code of Australia.  Our wholesalers only provide lights and signs that meet this code and we only install these quality products into residential buildings and commercial buildings as part of our electrical services.  We often install the lighting and signage in stairwells, car parks, passage ways and ramps etc.  If you are a Building Manager or a Body Corporate Manager of a local building, then one of our local electricians will be more than able to assist you with your electrical needs in meeting the code.  Following from that our electrical services extend to electrical testing and electrical certification, repair, replacement and testing of electrical items.

Our licensed electricians are able to install power, lighting, data and phone cabling, smoke detectors, security systems, switchboard upgrades and maintenance, large outdoor or community fans, hot water systems, pool and spa connections for common areas and 3 Phase Outlets.

Contact Nashcom Electrical today for your Building Electrical Services in Caloundra, Sunshine Coast.