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Ceiling fans; functionality vs interior design feature?

A ceiling fan can be an interior design piece and/or a functional item in your interiors space.

Officially, a ceiling fan moves air around the room to give you a cooling experience.  And they are not only relevant when it is hot.  Most modern ceiling fans operate effectively in the winter months as well.  A ceiling fan doesn’t actually lower or raise the room temperature (only a reverse cycle air conditioner can do that); however air circulation is key in hot and cool climates.

Ceiling fans are a great, cost effective, alternative to portable and ducted reverse cycle air conditioners.  The cost to install and run over time is much lower.  And if it is not essential that you have air conditioning, then a ceiling fan might just do the trick.  To read more about our Air Conditioning electrical services here on the Sunshine Coast and in Caloundra, click further here.

A bedroom, lounge room or outdoor space can be enhanced aesthetically by installing a ceiling fan.  Adding looks and functionality!  Ceiling fans come in many shapes and sizes and colours.  And the best advice we can give, is shop shop shop until you find what you are looking for.  The styles include those that are Modern, Retro, Coastal, Architectural and Tropical.

So I’m sure you think that a ceiling fan is just a ceiling fan, right? Well wrong!  Once you get out there shopping for ceiling fans, you will find that there are so many types; here we go.

Indoor fans.  Ceiling fans with lights.  Ceiling fans with LED lights.  Outdoor Ceiling Fans.  Coastal Fans.

Small Ceiling Fans.  Large Ceiling Fans.  Ceiling Fans with remotes (or without).

Metal blade ceiling fans. Timber blade ceiling fans.

3 blade ceiling fans.  4 blade ceiling fans.  5 blade ceiling fans.

And of course, Black Ceiling Fans (very on trend at the moment and you will find black ceiling fans on all home TV renovation shows and at your local lighting retail outlet).

The type of ceiling fan you choose won’t bother us, we are happy to install your ceiling fan in your chosen location inside or outside of your home.  However, we would always give you advice on the best locations based on the type of ceiling fan that you choose.

As an example, we do not recommend that Outdoor ceiling fans be exposed to the elements or water under any circumstances.  We also recommend that the ceiling fan be protected from wind, as the wind will affect the performance of the ceiling fan.

Contact us today to find out more about Ceiling Fans and the brands that we recommend (for reliability).  Nashcom Electrical; your local Domestic Electrician.