Want to save on your electricity bill? Connect your pool pump with a Licensed Electrician to Tariff 33 and you will start saving.

And, as an added Bonus, Energex will give you a reward of $200.

How does it work? Quite easy, here are a few steps to get you started;

  1. Contact Nashcom Electrical to have your pool pump connected to the Off Peak Tariff 33.  This requires some additional work on our behalf, but it will be well worth it in savings over the long term.
  2. Once the work is completed we notify Energex of the change.
  3. You need to contact your Electricity Supplier (who you pay the bills to!) and advise them of the change to the Off Peak Tariff 33.  Your electricity company will in turn advise Energex and provide them with a B2B number.
  4. Once that is all complete, you can jump online with Energex and make your claim for the $200.  Boom!

You can complete your pool pump tariff 33 reward application by searching for Pool Pump rewards on the Energex website.