Electrical Services; Mains Upgrades & Connections

Thinking of getting a new air conditioner or appliances in your home or office building?  Installing a new oven or cooktop, pool pump, doing a kitchen renovation or extension to a residential building? Or updating your business equipment in a shop, office or industrial shed?  You may find that you will need an upgrade of your electricity Mains supply of power to carry the load.  You may also need a replacement or a new mains electricity connection.  These tasks are all part of our range of Electrical Services on offer; here on the Sunshine Coast.

If your appliances are failing, the mains connection could be why.  An upgrade of your electricity supply and/or switchboard should result in better functioning of your appliances and a more reliable and stable power source to your property.  So consider calling a licensed electrician before blaming you new appliances.

Our experienced team of local electricians can upgrade underground and overhead power from single phase to 3 phase to meet your electrical services requirements.  This electrical work can only be undertaken by a qualified electrician with the necessary experience.  Generally speaking, we will be required to upgrade the cabling from your building “point of attachment” into your switchboard.  Nashcom Electrical contractors have such experience right here in Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast.

Additionally, we are able to provide all of the appropriate electrical services in supplying and installing safety switches and surge protection into your switchboard.  We can also increase the electricity load in your switchboard. Over time our homes have gotten larger and the number of electrical appliances we run is many more than potentially when your switchboard was installed.  Not only do the “essential” electrical appliances of a refrigerator, washing machine and TV run in the home now.  We now have multiple charging devices, TVs, stereo’s, multiple refrigerators and lighting.

If you have an older style switchboard with old wire fuses, then it may be time to look at getting an upgrade to the modern enclosed system of circuit breakers.  A fuse wire and a circuit breaker essentially have the same function – their purpose is to detect a fault and stop the current of electricity if necessary.  Advances in electrical products have been rapid over time and although a new circuit breaker has the same function as a fuse, a modern circuit breaker is significantly quicker at detecting a fault and shutting down any problems (by “tripping”).

An upgrade is worthy to ensure that the switchboard avoids catching fire from being overloaded, as modern devices and appliances often draw a lot more power.  Electrical safety really is key.  We would also look for old Asbestos in the paneling or surrounds of your old switchboard.  You really should have this removed from your property.

Ideally, we’d love to separate some of your circuits and isolate your power sources, and install new safety switches into your switchboard.  Our goal is to ensure that if the safety switch trips on a particular appliance or in a particular area, your whole home or building is not without power.

If your home is quite old, the electrical switchboard may be located anywhere on your property (not necessarily at the side or front of your garage).  This used to create quite a problem for the energy companies and the meter reader walking up and down the streets.  For this reason, it is now part of the legislation that switchboards be located within 2 metres of the ground and within 2 metres of the front of the house.  We would need to make this determination on site, and if necessary relocate your switchboard to meet the current legislative requirements.  Of course, this can take some time, so talk to us about your electrical services needs.

If you would like a Free Quote for electrical services, we’d be happy to help.  The time it takes to complete upgrades and change overs (and perhaps relocations for very old homes) varies depending on the age of your house and your current circumstances and future electricity supply needs.  We are happy to meet you onsite to discuss what will work best for you and provide an estimate of cost for this electrical service.

Contact Nashcom Electrical today for your Electrical Mains Services in Caloundra, Sunshine Coast.