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power points and switches electrician caloundra

Power Points

We assume that everyone knows this; but what is a power point? It is not a piece of plastic stuck on the wall!  A power point is a socket that is connected to the electricity supply behind the wall (and interconnected throughout your whole home or premises).  In Australia, our power points have 3 pins and a manual On/Off switch (to provide us with safety regarding the electrical supply).  One pin is grounded to earth which is an additional safety feature.  Once you plug your device into the power point, electricity supply will then flow.

In the electrical contracting business, we refer to power points as GPOs – General Purpose Outlet (or socket).  Power points should only be installed by an appropriately qualified and licenced Electrician.  After all, live electricity does flow to this “bit of plastic”.   And although there is a general view that changing over a power point is a simply job, would you be happy to risk your health, the operation of the appliance or your insurance by doing this electrical services task yourself?

If you are in Caloundra or on the Sunshine Coast, then contact us to assist you with the repair of power points or the installation of new power points.

When it comes to new power points, there are many many options available for the style and colour of your new outlet.  Many assume that power points are only available in White.  However this is not the case.  Although we use the standard White on most occassions, there are many other choices you can consider.  See some of the design options here.  The style and colour that you choose can make a big difference to the look and feel of your interior spaces.

Power points are available for internal use and there are power points avaiable for external use (these are weatherproof and are a special rating).


Light Switches & Electronic Switches

light switches and electronic switches

A standard home has a lot of light switches and electronic switches – more than you realise.  Take a quick walk around your space and add up all of the switches.  Explore your kitchen, study, bathroom, bedroom, office, media room, indoor, outdoor, carport, first floor, second floor etc. Different spaces need to be lit and powered differently.  And you will be surprised how quickly the number of installed light switches and points add up.

Our Clipsal supplier has a big range of light switches that look different and function differently.  You are able to have touch switches or rocker switches, with or without LED indicators.  Also, have you considered fan controls and dimmer switches?  Do you require a switch or an appliance on a timer? Perhaps lights (indoor or outdoor) on a timer or a sensor?  Or would you like to be able to charge a device via USB in the one location?  We are able to supply and install all of those electrical services for you.

lighting and pendant lighting


Lighting & Pendant Lighting




ceiling fan installation electrician sunshine coast

Ceiling Fans & Fan Lights

A popular electrical fixture in most homes; especially those in Queensland, is the ceiling fan or ceiling fan with light combination.  We are happy to install any ceiling fan that you choose and are happy for you to purchase the fan of your choice, and we just install the ceiling fan in your desired location (inside or outside).   Alternatively, we are also happy to Supply and Install any ceiling fan of your choice.  Yes, we are very flexible here at Nashcom Electrical.

One budget friendly option for a ceiling fan is a Clipsal 3 blade, 4 blade or 5 blade option.   This brand of ceiling fan is quite affordable and does the trick of gently circulating air as required. This particular brand comes in crisp White or Stainless Steel as an upgraded option.


downlights electrician caloundra

LED lighting and Down lights



garden lights lighting electrical wiringGarden Lighting




Ououtdoor lighting wall lightstdoor Lighting




Weatherproof outlets (power points)

Part of our electrical services and electrical products includes the Supply and Installation of weatherproof power points and outlets.  You may require a weatherproof outlet outside near an outdoor BBQ area or entertaining deck.  You may also require a weatherproof point for a pool pump or pool lights.  Weatherproof outlets provide safety in direct weather.  We use quality products that are designed to avoid corrosion, colour fading and impact from the elements.  All of our electrical products and supplies are purchased from reputatable Electrical Wholesalers and meet stringent electrical safety manufacturers specifications.

You can also get products that blend with render colour and brickwork.

Contact us, your local electrician, about your electrical services needs.  We’re happy to help.

Weatherproof power points to be installed by Nashcom Electrical Caloundra Sunshine Coast 3 switch Weatherproof power points to be installed by Nashcom Electrical Caloundra Sunshine Coast Different styles of Weatherproof power points to be installed by Nashcom Electrical Caloundra Sunshine Coast





Air Conditioning Services

We can supply and install all major brands of split system air conditioners here in Caloundra and on the Sunshine Coast.  If you have a particular make and model air conditioner in mind, let us know.  We are happy to source a price for you.  No harm in shopping around, is there?  We can also advise you on the best size and placement of your air conditioner.  There is no point spending money on an air conditioner without knowing that it will meet your needs.  Part of our air conditioning services includes giving you the answers you need.


Smoke Alarms

Every home needs them.  Are your smoke alarms functioning as they should? Do they need to be replaced?  Smoke alarms do save lives.  And lets face it; we don’t notice them until they beep or someone burns the toast.  But how devestated would we all be, if that one time we needed the smoke alarm and it wasn’t working correctly.  The loss to property, memories and lives can be catastrophic (for the sake of a small fee).


Sensor Lights …. and more!