Home Automation

Home automation, the way of the future

Touch, Customise, Visualise, Control and Supervise effortlessly with home automation the “smart way”.  Some of the great features you can have installed (today) in your new home or existing residential premises include;

A soft touch is all that is required, the sensitive surface and minimalist design are impressive.  Invest in this seemless switch.  No flick switch up or down, just a touch to illuminate.
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With the Scenario Switch, you are offered a new way of setting the scene. With a simple press, you can activate real living scenarios that can be customised to control different functions in the room simultaneously (light, heating, window shutters, etc). Programme a cosy ambience and watch television, or start the hi-fi system and lights as soon as you arrive … smart electrical wiring sunshine coast




A multi functional switch makes adjusting the temperature to the nearest degree so easy. All clearly expressed with the 1.2’’ Touch Screen. smart electrical wiring sunshine coast


A 3.5’’ Touch Screen can control all your systems in the home: lighting, roller shutters and sound system. Now, custom-
made living scenarios throughout the home can be programmed according to your tastes and habits. The Touch Screen also allows you to download your playlist via its IP entry, or turn up the sound while dimming down the spotlights. It offers numerous possibilities with a particularly intuitive navigation system utilising icons. home automation electrical wiring caloundra


Use the 10 ” Multimedia Touch Screen to add video door entry and video surveillance to the home control functions – using the same intuitive navigation system as the 3.5” Touch screen. On its wide screen, and depending on the number of cameras, controlling the exterior and interior of the home or talking with visitors has never been so easy. Also, its multimedia design provides access to multiple online services: radio, playlists, weather, traffic news, and even video broadcasts. home automation electrical wiring smart lighting