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The team at Nashcom Electrical love to show off the stylish power points and switches that are available on the market today.  Gone are the days of have the choice of white, white or white power points and switches.

We stock the latest designs from Legrand, the world’s largest manufacturer of power points and switches. power points and light switches caloundra electrician

Here are just a few designs that you might like.  Contact Nashcom Electrical for pricing and installation.


Power points – the good & the better!

power points electrical caloundra sunshine coast
Power Points – Stainless Steel, Brushed Brass, Polished Silver

The Good

The Excel range is very popular and available in a large selection of colours and finishes.  The featured colours and styles are our most popular, but you can also have Ice, Malt and Diesel (black/charcoal) High Gloss finishes.

These power points are perfect for tiles in bathrooms and kitchens, splash backs or where ever you want high aesthetic appeal.  They have the traditional look of a power point, but with a modern finish.






power point installation electrician caloundra
Artero Power Points – Mirror Black, Light Oak, Mirror White

The Better

Artero power points have internal safety shutters and are premium in quality.  The points themselves are available in White or Magnesium.  The cover plate is available in 17 luxurious (yes 17!) different finishes.

The most popular finishes include Mirror Black (glass finish), Light Oak (wood finish) and Mirror White (glass finish).  Other examples include, Graphite, Gold Brass, Stainless Steel and Club Leather.

Once you hold one of these power points you will be able to feel the quality.

Contact Nashcom Electrical today and jazz up your environment!