Electrical Safety; ECA Safety Connect

We believe in safety … not only for us, but for you the customer as well.  Lets’ face it … we are working with electricity.  Accordingly we take seriously all necessary safety steps, policies and procedures and we follow them.

As a member of the ECA (Electrical Contractors Associate) we have adopted their new Safety Connect management system.  This is to ensure that we are following all national rules and regulations regarding safety and to ensure that our team in trained and knowledgeable in the latest techniques.

Here is what Safety Connect Australia has to say about their system;

“SafetyConnect is a sophisticated electrical safety management system designed specifically for electrical contractors and ensures you meet your obligations under new national safety schemes.  In addition to protecting your staff and customers, a compliant safety system is valuable in winning contracts, especially when seeking government business, as well as assisting to reduce insurance and legal costs.”

… and not to mention reducting the risk of accident!

Electrical Services SafetyConnect