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Test & Tag Electrical Equipment & Tools

We take safety (for you and for us) very seriously.  The safe use of equipment and tools is part of our safety commitments.  If you operate a workplace, then you are obligated to ensure that you meet safety rules and regulations.

Did you know?

If you operate a business in manufacturing, service, office, amusement or rural work you are required by Law (Electrical Safety Regulation 2013) to have all of your electrical equipment and tools tested, at regular intervals, by a qualified Electrician who is competent to tag the item as ‘safe’.

Examples of items to be tested include;

  • all office equipment, including leads
  • all tools of trade
  • all appliances in the workplace

Similar rules apply if you operate a business in Construction.  Here is a useful link to the Queensland Government website regarding these electrical safety issues.  The rules in relation to the Construction Industry are robost and must be adhered to in order to meet Workplace Health and Safety Requirements.

Equipment Used?

We use the appropriate testing equipment necessary in order to test your equipment and tools and make the appropriate tag.  We compile a detailed list of each piece of equipment or appliance, noting the make and model and serial number and the electrical tag we have used while testing.

Don’t get caught out on price!

There are many businesses that offer a ‘Test & Tag’ service.  Quoted prices for this service vary considerable from a ‘per job’ basis to a $price per tag.

Please be mindful that a test and tag service by a competitor may or may not include the repair or replacement of a faulty item.  Some equipment items and appliances may fail the electrical test or be determined to be faulty.  A contractor that provides a test and tag service may not necessarily be able to rectify or repair your faulty item.

The local electricians in our Nashcom Electrical team are experienced, trained and able to make repairs on site on the day.  We hold the necessary Electrical License to be deemed a qualified person to carry out repairs.  Many test and tag service companies are only able to complete the test, they generally speaking are not licensed electricians.  This can lead to a misleading “cost” analysis that you, the customer, will need to navigate.

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