As small business owners, we know that at times things can get a little tough! And costs for “everything” seem to be going up at every turn.

Of course it’s great to think of ways of getting more work and making more money; but it also makes sense to look at expenses and find ways to cut your business costs (and your energy use).

One way to improve your bottom line is to scrutinise your energy use via the dreaded electricity bill.  For many businesses, the use of air conditioning, inefficient appliances, office equipment and lighting are the most expensive contributors.

For tips on how to reduce your heating and cooling expenses, see our Air Conditioning Services page.

When it comes to appliances it can be a little more tricky.  Any “old” appliances are unlikely to be as efficient as newer ones, so keep that in mind when looking over your office or business space (shed or factory etc).   Look to the energy star rating of your appliance.  And although replacing the item may be an up front cost, the reduction in energy costs over time will outweigh this investment.  Also look to the types of equipment or appliances that you have.  Eg, certain types of printers (inkjet v laserjet) use different technology and hence have a different energy use.

For office equipment, ask yourself if any items could be switched off more frequently.  Do the items run 24/7 unnecessarily? Does your equipment have a “sleep mode” or similar that will conserve energy? Equipment like spare computers or laptops, printers, phone charges etc all add up.  It might not seem like much, but being mindful of what is and isn’t plugged in can make a difference over the space of one year.

Of course a well lit office or work space is necessary.  However, have a good look at the cleanliness/dustiness of lights, whether you are utilising natural light and features of your property and the type of bulbs.  Are you able to swap old bulbs for new energy efficient bulbs? Are you able to dim the lights (in sections) if necessary?  We also recommend that you speak to us about the possibilities here (dimmers are a must in our opinion!).  As we can easily separate your light circuits so that certain lights come on in sections and in accordance with your needds.  This avoids all of the workspace being lit up when, say, only half of the space is occupied.  Also consider, sensor lights for parts of your premises (ie, carparks, toilets and store rooms) and timers for lights so that if employees forget to hit the light switch to turn the lights off; it’s done for you.

If you would like more information on how to save on your business electricity bill; please give us a call.  With so  many years of experience we have a LOT of information we can pass onto to.  We can also complete a formal Energy Audit to help identify your specific energy problem areas.

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