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Connect your Pool Pump to Off Peak Tariff 33

Have you ever had a shock electricity bill and immediately thought “I bet that is because of the pool pump running every day”.  Well chances are, you are correct.  Pool pumps are an energy and electricity hungry pool appliance and add significant cost to the household electricity bill.

One fabulous way to make savings on your electricity bill is to connect your pool pump to off-peak Tariff 33.

Since the 1 July 2011, pool filtration and associated sanitation systems have been able to be connected to Tariff 33 via a weatherproof outdoor power point rather than being “hard wired”.

The Off Peak Tariff 33 allows pool owners to run their pool pump at off peak times (currently 4pm-8pm) at a discounted electricity rate.  The tariff potentially allows for up to 18 hours a day (outside peak times) and can contribute significant savings to the average household electricity consumption.

If you think that you would like to make the change to your pool pump you need to contact our Nashcom Electrical team to confirm that your pool pump is able to be connected to the required tariff.

From there we notify Energex of the change.  In turn you will need to advise your electricity retailer (the company that your electricity bills come from) that your pool pump has been changed to off-peak.  Energex will need to attend your home and make a change to your meter box to off peak.

And then you are right to start saving ……..


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