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Nashcom Electrical are local electricians and electrical contractors.  We are licensed and an owner operated Electrical Contractor company right here in Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast.

Having performed our electrical services here for a number of years, we know the electrical landscape well, including the types of buildings, homes, offices, shops and industrial sheds in and around our local area.  For that reason, we are well placed to be able to provide you with an accurate up front Free Quote for any electrical work you would like done.

nashcom electrical provide free quotes for electrical services caloundra sunshine coast

We cater for a wide range of electrical services for a wide range of electrical customers.

For home owners and residential property investors, we provide electrical services for lighting, power, data, smoke alarm, air conditioning and cooling, and switchboard needs (plus much more).  We are Domestic Electricians. All types of home wiring can be performed by one of our licensed electricians in the local area near you.  If you are planning to build a new home on the Sunshine Coast, then you will need an Electrical Plan to show your builder.  We can help with this very important task.  You will really want to ensure that you have covered all of your electrical needs for power requirements, lighting (indoor and outdoor), data and telephone, smoke alarms, television points, pool pumps and lighting, garden lighting, solar, hot water, appliances etc.  Having years and years of experience of wiring new homes, we can assist you in this decision making process and work in closely with your builder to complete the project.  We are Residential Electricians.

For local Builders on the Sunshine Coast, we can provide quality workmanship at an affordable price for your next home build project, renovation or extension.  We work closely with our builders and their customers to ensure that all home wiring electrical needs are met.  There is not an electrical service that our licensed electricians cannot provide.  We show up when needed and provide a reliable electrical service.  Time is money as they say, and neither you or us have time to waste.

For body corporate managers and residential property managers, we know that electrical wiring and electrical repair requirements come up from time to time.  You need a local electrician that is reliable and ready and able to attend to your needs straight away.  As we have a number of electrical contractors in our team, we are able to attend to your electrical work on a timely basis.  You need us, we’re there.  Our electrical services for body corporate managers and residential property managers (including real estate agents) includes all domestic and residential electrical needs.  However, it also extends to emergency lighting and exit lighting and common property electrical services.  This might include timer switches for spa’s, pool pumps and pool lighting, sensor lighting for pathways and garages and lots more.  Contact Nashcom Electrical regarding your needs and we’d be happy to arrange a meeting or a Free Quote for our services.

For commercial shop owners and professional office small businesses, we understand that disruption to your workspace is to be kept to a minimal.  For that reason, we are able to schedule work outside of usual business hours or slot into your specific requirements.  We are also able to provide you with an accurate assessment of the costs involved in any electrical services work you require.  We have a team of commercial electricians that are understanding of your requirements and have experience in the shop and office environment.

We also operate a 24 hour emergency electrical service on the Sunshine Coast.  And although we cannot provide a free quote for these services, we are understanding of circumstances that are an “emergency”.

Because we are local electricians that have been in the area a long time (and we don’t plan on leaving any time soon), our reputation and longevity speaks for itself.  We provide a reliable, efficient service at a very reasonable cost.  We live on the Sunshine Coast because we love it and want to be productive members of our community.

We don’t rip people off, we don’t overcharge customers and we always complete work to the best of our ability.   We seek out loyal customers that will engage our electrical services time and time again over many years.

Don’t waste your time with small electrical operators looking for a quick buck from you! Go with the good guys of electrical services in Caloundra, Sunshine Coast, Nashcom Electrical.

Contact Nashcom Electrical today for your Free Quote for Electrical Services in Caloundra, Sunshine Coast.