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$100 Cash Reward – Hot Water System

Energex is offering customers a $100 reward when you connect your hot water system to an economy tariff.

The benefits of making the connect are two fold – you receive the $100 reward and you could (potentially) save up to 30% on your hot water costs.

Generally, electric, solar or heat pump hot water systems can be connected to Tariff 33 or Tariff 31.  The rates* for these Tariffs are 19.857 c/kW and 13.607 c/kW respectively.  This is well below the usual rate of Tariff 11 of 29.403 c/kW.

The purpose of the economy tariff is to encourage energy use outside of peak hours (4pm til 8pm).

To make the change give us a call so we can confirm that your hot water system is suitable for an economy tariff.   We will complete the connection and advise Energex.  Energex in turn advises your electricity retailer (eg, AGL, Ergon etc).

You can make a claim online and receive your $100 bonus directly from Energex**.

Contact Nashcom Electrical today; Electrician Sunshine Coast.


*Rate current at time of writing

** Check the Terms & Conditions with Energex to ensure you are eligible

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