New Residential House Wiring

Plans to build a new Home? Then you need a residential electrician and a trusted local licensed electrician for the job.

We work with reliable and trusted Builders here in Caloundra and on the Sunshine Coast and can certainly give you a recommendation if you require one.

We can provide you with a reliable Electrical Services Free Quote to cover your entire new residential plans with NO hidden costs or “extras” you won’t know about.  And of course, we can complete your new home electricity connections.

Our Free Quotes extend to the supply and install of all power points and switches, ceiling fans, USB outlets, TV outlets, data and phone cabling, all lighting requirements both inside and outside, your switchboard requirements, pool pumps and lighting, tariff wiring, security systems, 2 way switching, safety switches, smoke alarms, weatherproof power points, installation of isolated circuits, installation of kitchen appliances, hot plates and oven and much more! (Can there be more? … the answer is Yes).

We complete electrical wiring for new homes, units & townhouses, mains and switchboard installations and all aspects of a new residential build.

When you are looking for an electrician you really need to look for someone that can cater for you or your builders needs in a timely and efficient manner, to ensure that your project build runs smoothly and on time.  Ha, we hear you say, but yes some residential projects can run on time.  However, from time to time you can expect some delays for one reason or another. One way to mitigate delays when it comes to the Electrical plan for your home is to carefully consider the placement of electrical items in the planning phase.  Often we see domestic electrical wiring plans that show only a “basic” 1 power point per room and very little in the way of electrical wiring extras that make your home more functional and enjoyable to live in (such as 2 way switching – think inside and outside switches or at the top and bottom of stairs etc).

We also find that often residential home owners get “stung” by local electricians that provide a Low Cost Electrical Quote for their new house build (including electrical services).  What those electrical contractors fail to do is point out to the home owner that they will want to add more electrical items as the build progresses and they realise that the initial Quote was too basic for their electrical residential living needs.  Of course, the electrical contractor then issues an additional invoice for the home electrical wiring that (is likely) quite a bit more than if they had identified their needs earlier in the residential building phase.  We don’t like to shock homeowners.  We’d  much prefer to be upfront and give you an opportunity to be realistic about your budget.  The cost to prewire electrical items prior to building work and plaster progressing is much less than making changes after these other building services have been completed.  And who wants to patch and paint plaster afterwards?!  So consider carefully, that when it comes to obtaining quotes for residential wiring and home electrical services, the cheapest is not necessarily the best.

Our new residential home wiring services also actually extend to renovations and extensions to domestic and residential buildings.  Although you might not be building a new home from the ground up, a quality residential extension or renovation can be brand new too! And it will feel like a new home when you complete your internal and external finishes and electrical services to add functionality and beauty to your home.  We are thinking beautiful power points (black, perhaps?) and pendant lighting.  So many options and decisions to make.  This process may not be as difficult as you think, when you speak to an Electrical Contractor that has worked on a vast number of housing projects of beautiful quality.  We see lots of homes and we know what works and doesn’t work in an interiors space.

So, Contact Nashcom Electrical today for your Domestic Electrical Wiring Services

in Caloundra, Sunshine Coast.