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Nashcom Electrical are a well established company in Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast of Electricians and Electrical Contractors.

We offer a range of electrical services that are very broad and cover all residential, commercial, industrial, domestic and maintence electrical work.

See our Menu options for more; or read below a snippet of information regarding each specialised area of electrical contracting we cover in Caloundra and all over the Sunshine Coast.


Residential Electrician

Our electrical services for Domestic & Residential Projects and Buildings; including everyday electrical needs meeting the requirements of our everyday domestic customer.  These day to day services include power points and new switches, the supply and installation of ceiling fans, all types of lighting installation; including featuring lighting, pendant lights, garden lighting, pool lights and sensor and security lights, connection of hot water systems, installation of safety switches and circuit breakers, installation of air conditioning units, rewiring of switchboards, upgrades to switchboards and installation of interconnected smoke detectors.  We actually do so much, it’s difficult to list it all. We have a Domestic Electrician for residential electrical work on call.


Electrical Services & Buildings

Building Electrical Services cover electrical maintenance work and new construction for existing buildings.  Although the electrical services are very similar to that of domestic electrical work, the tasks are made more specialised due the location of buildings and their access points.  Additional services we can assist with include the installation of emergency and exit lightings, carpark lighting and practical solutions for the protection and safety of residents and property.  Data and phone cabling services, installation of compliant smoke detectors, security systems, correct wiring of switchboards, pool and spa lighting and connections and 3 Phase weatherproof outlets are also part of our electrical services range for buildings.


Renovations, Home Extensions & New Kitchens

At Nashcom Electrical; we love a new renovation or extension on properties!  We specialise in renovations, home extensions and new kitchen renovations.  The electrical wiring and installation of power and lighting is an integral part of any renovation, kitchen upgrade or home extension.  Considerations also extend to new appliances; stove, cooktop and exhaust fans.  During a renovation or extension it is likely that you may need to consider the current capacity of your switchboard (especially if you are installing new air conditioning, technology and lighting), possible re-wiring and upgrades, new safety switches and re-configuring of circuits, feature lighting (and placement) and more.

We always recommend that you have a good look at your home plans and (physically or mentally) step out the renovation or extension within the building, taking note on where you would like the placement of new power points, switches and the like.  By doing this, you may realise that additional points are required or existing points are moved to more practical locations.  We can assist you in this decision making so you get the best possible result in your new interiors or exteriors space.


Commercial Projects; Shop & Office Fit Outs

The role of a Commercial Electrician is many and varied.  The scope of work is also very broad for Commercial electrical services.  With many years experience and thousands of commercial jobs, we have the knowledge and technical know how for your next shop fit out or office setup.

The types of electrical services include; the setup of ceiling lights and light fittings across your space, wiring for phone and data, wiring for shop displays and feature window displays or lighting.  Other services include exit and emergency lights (as required by law), installation of air conditioning or ceiling fans, upgrades to power supply (3 phase and single phase) and lots more.

We can work with you on your Commercial electrical plans for essential services of power and lighting and make suggestions that will improve your energy efficiency and productivity in the work space.


New Residential Projects and Home Wiring

The Sunshine Coast, and in particular the Caloundra area, is growing rapidly! That means lots of new homes being built in new suburbs every day.  Although we work for a core group of Local Builders, we also work directly with home owners for their New Residential Electrical Projects and Home Wiring.

Part of our electrical services in this regard is providing you with a Free Quote and sound practical advice regarding your electrical plans.  There is a lot to think of as a home owner – switches, power points, lighting inside and out, feature lighting, TV points, telephone points, data points, security systems, hot water connections, kitchen appliances, tariffs and the list goes on.

How wonderful would it be to speak with a Licensed electrician, that completes this work day in and out and has seen many different home layouts and knows what works best?  When you speak with a Domestic Electrician and Residential Electrician from our team; it’s this expert knowledge you are tapping into that is invaluable.


Industrial Projects

Our Industrial Electrician, Tony Nash, is experienced in dealing with all matters electrical for your shed, industrial site or factory.  His experience extends to maintaining, testing and moving electrical equipment and tools (large and small).  Industrial electrical services are specialised and require a level of skill that not all electricians have; especially those that work predominately in the domestic or residential electrical services field.

We have serviced a number of sheds and factory up and down the industrial areas of the Sunshine Coast with great success.


Licensed Phone and Data Cabling

All phone and data cabling should be completed by a licensed cabler.  Here at Nashcom Electrical, we hold the necessary license to attend to this electrical services work.

We are able to make connections for telephones, TV and data points whether it be in your home (via a Domestic Electrician) or in your shop (via a Commercial Electrician) or in your factory or shed (via an Industrial Electrician).

Nothing is  more frustrating that requiring your telecommunications up and running; right now! And not being able to continue to work or continue with daily life.  We are here to help ..


Electrical Mains Upgrades


Safety Switches and Surge Protection


Smoke alarm tests and replacement

Are you aware of the strict and every changing rules regarding Smoke Detectors here in Queensland?  If you have a rental property, are a property agent, a body corporate manager or agent involved in the Real Estate business, you will be well aware of the new compliance laws regarding Smoke Alarms.

The new laws, now in affect via Australian Standard 3876:2014, concern the placement and operation of smoke detectors.

To ensure that your property or a property under your control meets the current legislation, talk to us.  We are licensed electricians and local electrical contractors that are able to provide you with a Compliance certificate for the installation of interconnected smoke alarms.


Test & Tag and Repair of Equipment and Tools

An integral part of running a business is adhering to local and national laws concerning safety and workplace health and safety.  One area that we are able to assist with, that affects all small business, is the testing and tagging of electrical equipment throughtout your business.  Whether it be an office environment, a commercial shop or premises or an industrial shed or factory, we are able to assist.

You may not realise – but even the electrical cord on the toaster or kettle in your lunch room – is to be tested by a qualified person.

You can read more about your electrical safety obligations on our Test & Tag Electrical Services page.


Green Energy Household Assessments

We all love to save money, right? Many of us believe we are doing as much as we can to save … but in our experience, you will find that there is always more to do that affects your energy use.  Find out the tips and tricks that are specific to your household or business.  We can complete an assessment for you and give you day to day advice on how to save on your electricity bill whilst going “green”.


Installation of LED Display screens (large or small)

Fantastic! You have a fancy new LED display screen at your workplace or sporting and community event .. now how to power it up!  We are able to complete power installations for you and advise on the best placement in relation to the existing power supply in your area.  Don’t overlook the finer details, give us a call to discuss how your LED display screen installation can run smoothly.


Who do we work with?

Our electrical services customers are many and varied and include;

  • the general public
  • home owners and residential investors
  • Licensed Builders and other construction tradesmen
  • Body Corporate Managers
  • Real Estate & Property Agents
  • On site residential managers
  • Businesses with offices or workshops or industrial sheds and factories

If you would like to discuss how we can meet your electrical services needs, please contact Nashcom Electrical today.