Green Energy Services

Green Electrical Services | Electrician Sunshine Coast

Our electrical services extend to green energy solutions.  These include;

Solar Panel Installations

installation of solar panel grid connected systems




solar panel importance


an energy audit of your household.  Click here for electricity saving tips (just a few we can recommend as part of our energy audit)




save on electricity bills

an assessment of your current electrical tariff and switch to night time or off peak power rates for hot water




Nashcom Electrical can help you save on your electricity bills


supply and installation of “green” light bulbs – not green in colour, but green in usage


LED Lighting

Did you know?

Did you know that LED lighting can save as much power as a fluro light? AND they can last 3 times longer than a standard light!  Whilst they are more expensive to buy initially, they do provide savings in the long term.  Our electrical suppliers are continuing to stock LED lights with new technologies – so the saving will be even greater in the future.

It is good to be Green!  At least here at Nashcom Electrical we think so ….  contact us today!

green energy electrical assessment with Nashcom Electrical