From the 1st of July 2012 – there have been changes made to the Queensland residential electricity tariffs.

This changes have come about due to the Federal Governmnent’s Carbon Price.  Essentially customers will remain on Tariff 11 Residential, however there is an option to use Tariff 12 Residential Time of Use, Tariff 31 Night Rate (Super Economy) and Tariff 33 Controlled Supply (Economy).

Tariff 12 Residential Time of Use

Tariff 12 takes into account the time of day that electricity is used and is broken down into Peak, Shoulder and Off Peak rates.  The rate ranges from 18.846 cents per kWh to 86.436 cents per kWh depending on the time of day.  If you would like to look more closely at the times of day – please contact one of our licenced electricians for a discussion.

Customers are able to change to Tariff 12 – but must check with Ergon Energy first to check their suitability.

If you are wishing to change to Tariff 12 please note that you may need a new or replacement meter and a meter position upgrade.  We provide these electrical services under our electrical licencing.

Tariff 31 Night Rate (Super Economy)

All consumption is now at 12.110 cents per kWh and the minimum charge has been removed.

Tariff 33 Controlled Supply (Economy)

This tariff is recommended for the connection to suitably sized electric hot water systems, including heat pumps and boost switches on solar hot water systems, swimming pool pumps and suitable appliances.

The minimum charge has been removed and the cost is 17.155 cents per kWh.  Please contact us if you have any of these appliances – we most certainly can assist you in changing the tariff for these items.

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