From July 10, 2012 the Qld Government will be reducing the feed-in tariff from 44c per kilowatt hour to 8c per kilowatt hour for all NEW customers.

If you were considering a Solar Panel Installation, then you have until midnight on the 9th of July 2012 to lodge an application.

Customers then have until the 30th June 2013 to have their approved energy system installed in order to guarantee the 44c feed in tariff amount.

Should you make an application and then choose not to make an installation by the due date, there is no penalty or consequence other than if you change your mind in the future you will receive the feed in tariff amount that is set at that time (eg, 8c per kilowatt hour).

For any solar energy system installed or applied for from July 10, will receive a maximum feed in tariff amount of 8c per kilowatt hour.  This value will be reviewed by 1 July 2013, at which time we are unsure of the rate that will be set by the Queensland Government.

To make an application you require an Accredited Installer like Nashcom Electrical to do this on your behalf.

Please contact us ASAP so that we can visit your premises, make an assessment of your solar panel energy requirements and make the application on your behalf.

Be Quick!

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