Solar Panels just seem to be popping up everywhere, don’t they?

Have you ever wondered how much a solar panel system costs? Or much the government will pay you to have solar panels on your roof?

The Federal Government has a Solar Credits Scheme in place currently, where you may be entitled to a financial incentive to install a solar panel system.  The incentive amount is determined by the size of solar panel system you install, along with a number of other eligibility criteria.

However, be aware, the amount of incentive (multiplier used to determine the rebate amount) is set to reduce by 33% on the 1 July 2012.

So if you are thinking about a solar panel system you need to act quickly.  To avoid the reduction, your solar panels and inverter need to be fully installed and connected to the grid prior to that date.

Nashcom Electrical are a government approved Accredited Solar Panel Installer.  We are here to help!

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