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solar panel accreditationNashcom Electrical are government approved Solar Panel Installers through the Clean Energy Council here on the Sunshine Coast.  To become an Accredited Solar Panel Installer you need to be committed to quality workmanship and the green energy ‘science’.  The Clean Energy Council will give you accreditation if;

* you are a licensed electrician

* you complete certified training courses and pass assessments under the National Training Scheme

* you submit case studies on an ongoing basis to retain accreditation

* you have adequate public liability insurance

We are licensed, experienced and insured to make your solar installation hassle free.  You have piece of mind.  Each solar panel installation is also completed with a Certificate of Testing and Electrical Safety and is done so in accordance with the Australian Standards.

We can attend to the administration and paperwork surrounding the Renewable Energy Certificates to ensure you receive your incentive payment as a matter of course and within guidelines.


How much should you pay for a solar panel system?

The price of a solar panel system varies greatly depending on your individual circumstances.  Despite that, the government has provided a guide as to how much you should pay for a quality system based on the number of kWs generated.

Click here to download a solar panel guide for your information.


What are the Government Rebates & Feed-In Tariffs?

The Federal Government provides a rebate via a ‘Renewable Energy Certificate’ or REC’s as they are commonly called.  This certificate is issued on your solar panel system has been installed.  The amount of the REC’s is used to reduce the total upfront costs of installing your solar panels.

You will also receive a financial reimbursement for the amount of electricity your system feeds back into the grid (a feed-in tariff on your electricty bill).  Currently the Feed-In Tariff is 44 cents per kW.  This value is important when looking at your quarterly electricity bill and making an estimate of the saving solar panels can provide.

Should you obtain a quote and assessment from us you will see;

* that our price is within the governments guideline and within expectations of using quality solar panels and inverters and accredited installers

* that we can calculate your REC amount and subtract this from the total price of your solar panel system

* that we can give you an estimate of the feed in tariff amount you will receive on your next quarterly electricity bill